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A. Identification (ID) Card

An identification card issued by the Training and Convention Division (TCD) of the U.P. Law Center is the permit to use the U.P. Law Library. It should be presented at the gate each time one enters the library. The ID card is non-transferable. In case of loss, a duplicate may be issued by the TCD.

Upon entrance to and exit from the library, the guard on duty has the authority to demand at any time the presentation of ID’s and inspection of the bags and materials to guard against losses and other security concerns.

B. Mutilation and Stealing of Law Library Materials

Any bar reviewees who shall deface, mutilate, appropriate for himself or steal any library property shall be required to replace the same or pay the replacement and processing costs thereof and shall be subject to a fine of not less than Three Hundred Pesos (P 300.00) but not more than 50% of the cost of the book, whichever is higher, to be determined by the Law Librarian and/or to suspension of library privileges upon the recommendation of the Law Librarian.

C. Proper Conduct in the Law Library

Bar reviewees are expected to observe library decorum. Unnecessary noise, loud conversation, smoking, eating and defacing library furniture and equipment in the law library or its premises are strictly prohibited. RESERVATION OF SEATS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Any violation hereof will subject the bar reviewee to disciplinary action in accordance with the library rules and regulations.

In this connection, the guard has the authority to roam in all floors of the library and implement the necessary measures when violations herein mentioned occurs.

Reserve Books

Only enrolled bar reviewees with duly countersigned ID card may borrow from the Reserve Counter. Reserve books should be properly charged in the Reserve Counter on a two-hour loan basis and shall not be taken out of the library.

The materials are strictly for ROOM USE ONLY.


Bar reviewees desiring to borrow a book should fill out a call slip and should place therein the author and title of the book, his printed name, signature and date. This call slip, together with the bar reviewee’s ID card shall be presented to the personnel on duty at the desk.


A bar reviewee returning his book should wait for his book to be discharged properly by the Desk Assistant and should ask for his ID card. At no circumstances should the ID card be left at the Reserve Counter.

D. Lost Book

If a book is lost, any of the following can be done: (1) pay for the current cost of the book, (2) replacement of exactly the same copy, (3) replacement of another title approved by the librarian, (4) a good photocopy of the book.

If current cost cannot be assessed for certain materials, e.g. Filipiniana materials, 50% of photocopy cost will be added to the acquisition cost.